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follow for follow? or follow me back? or FOLLOW ME BACK THX BB or anything along those lines:

i can’t follow back, because this is a side blog. i’m not going to follow back if you ask me.

i love your blog!/your blog makes me hungry! or anything along those lines

thanks! i appreciate your support. (i won’t publish all of these)

i like your photos/where did you get that [food] from?

thanks, but they’re not my photos. i get these photos from flickr, and unless they post where they bought it, i have no idea. some of them make it themselves, of course. i’m sorry. i would also like to know where i can get food too.

what do you like to cook/do you cook?

i like baking :) i’m not amazing yet, but i’m learning ^^

what’s your favourite food/type of food?

japanese, korean. :) i have a sweet tooth as well, so i love dessert c: 

can you check out my blog? 

yes. i’m not going to reply all of these, though.

can you check out my food blog and promote?

i’ll check it out, but no guarantees of a promote. if you’re a really good blog :) p.s if you want people to notice you, tag your stuff :)

can you help me/my friend out with a competition for botw/winning a contest/anything along those lines?

no. i will ignore these. this is a food blog, and botw contests are of no concern to me. 

where’d you get this idea/why did you start this blog?

i’m not sure what people mean by ‘get this idea’.. you like something, you start a blog about it! and i was definitely not the first person to have a blog just dedicated to food, lol. uhm, and i started this blog because i posted a lot of food on my personal, and i thought it would be fun to start a new blog dedicated to it. :)

can i have the recipe for ____? can you find the recipe for ___ post?

please google it yourself, as it will be faster. in regards to a recipe for a certain photo i post, if the orignal owner posts a recipe up for it, i will provide a link for that in the description. check back at the original post on my blog in case other people delete the description when they reblog a photo. this blog is more a food picture diary, than one for recipes. blogs that i recommend with an extensive record of recipes are thecakebar and gastrogirl :)

can i request ____?

i don’t do requests anymore because i queue a whole bunch of photos when i have time. (it does take time to find good photos) you can check my tags to see if i’ve already posted some (www.gastronomyfiles.tumblr.com/tagged/_____), or just go to another food blog :) check out my list of recommended food blogs! 

do you have some other food blogs that you recommend?

yes, i have a link to a list i made! it’s right here.